How did it started?

Love for art is all it took for ArtFlyck to come to life. And undeniably art and creativity take courage, and that is what we aim at showing each day to transform artistic ideas into a reality. 

It all started in July’20, when the pandemic struck and changed everything drastically. It's then that I decided to work on my childhood passion, that is, creating handcrafted goods. My family, encouraged me with the same by appreciating and applauding my work. The next step was monetizing the same, and near and dear ones made this phase easier too, further encouraging into taking the step of formulating the official brand. And that’s how our official website and brand came into existence. With the simple vision to add a fun element to make daily life more fascinating.

What all we offer?

We bring to you unique and interesting stuff to help beautify your surroundings and make for pretty gifting options. And our strength is that all our products are handmade and made with recyclable stuff that isn’t harmful to you, the environment, or the atmosphere. Furthermore, these sustainable products are also affordable.  

We offer hand embroidered bags made by our skilled kaarigars. Our wooden clutches are made out of mango wood, and our potli's are inspired to give a feel and look of traditional and archaic times. We also have ranged into providing lifestyle & home décor products. All this is in diverse colors, styles, and tones. Lastly, we customize too, so reach out to us to make your artistic imaginations a reality.

Why are we so unique?

We ensure affordability and sustainability. So we make products that you can use without thinking twice and for long time
Every single penny is important and hard earned. We ensure to give you value for money products. And yes, we love doing endless customization
The colour play at the product is the classic blend of style and tones. If you are looking to set up a countertop and are clueless as to what or how of it, then we have a perfect collection/solution to it.